So… I’ve abandoned “22 Panels that Always Works for a Comic About Justice” and “A Brief History of Dark Town.” I’m continuing “The Many Faces of Justice from 5-14.

The 22 Panel project probably would have worked better if I did the whole thing in a single post. Now it feels like bunch of punch lines without jokes.

The history of the Dark Town would be better peppered within the main story rather than a dedicated, dry, expository chapter.

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  1. i had a dedicated dry expository this morning. i should probably visit the doctor

  2. They are all interesting experiments/directions. I don’t think any were bad though.

    I’d guess, since you have humor focus, it’s just important that each entry/day has humor.

    … I feel like you’re skipping your trademark humor approach, which is repetition catch phrases. The “big dramatic look” (which I think you also do well) seems to work better in video.

    blah blah. i’ll shut up now.

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