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Judge Frazer will be back on March 15

Tsui Hark’s first movie… back in the days when he made movies for fun.
Full of bad ass Halloween costume ideas!

Bah. This awesomeness from the director of the Mandom commercials was playing in town last week. Totally missed it.

Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the Mon-Fri posting. I’m scaling back. From now, new comics will be posted on Mon, Wed and Fri.

sorry about the late updates folks. I plan to catch up tonight! yay!

Apparently Voodoo has been misunderstood. It has gained a dark reputation over the years due to gross-misrepresentation by popular films.
I intend to right the wrong by showing how a harmless religious activity can be perverted in the name of frightening popular entertainment. I will remake “The Serpent and the Rainbow” and substitute Voodoo [...]

Sorry about the lack of update last week. Life got busy…
Well, I really don’t have any good excuses… I was completely hooked by the whole NBC-Leno-Conan-Late-Night-Show debacle. I spend hours and hours watching these stuff online…
The Conan show has become super-awesome… I highly recommend you folks check it out [...]

This comic no longer works as a daily strip…
I’m going to change the format. Probably going to do once-per-week update with longer post…

better plot coming soon!

updates coming soon!