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    I really dig your city sky line here. and the angles betweek all frames, which makes the DARKBAR sign really pop out. Dig the simplistic caption repetition, and how it creates a narrative voice, which simply has nothing to say about THE DARKBAR. delicious drama. … DARKAMA.

    I do feel i should ask if that’s a boat in the middle of the street. but maybe such questions should never be asked. Some small dark voice in my head feels it is never enough to simply praise the parts you appreciate in someone’s work. You must always ask an annoying critical question. preferably about boats. my work here is done.

    • That’s right my friend, it is a boat in the middle of the street. The main purpose of Judge Frazer is to make social change by making people think. When they see the boat on the street, they will wonder: “Hey is this a canal? But I thought this was a paved road! OMG does god exist? What is justice?”

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