Crystal Reports is real! I had to work with it on my previous job. Not as cool as this Crystal Report.

A reader asked me if the title “The Many Face of Justice” was inspired from “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” Nope. It was inspired by the “Faces of Death.”

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  1. Holy shit a Dark Jury. Give me a fucking break. I guess there will be a Dark Bailiff sometime in the future?

  2. beware the dark rebuttal. Which follows dark recess.

  3. this shot makes me think of Plan 9 From Outer Space. The dude on the right has a headdress that Poses Questions.

    • That sounds like the greatest movie ever made due to its similarity to my comic.

  4. is this whole “dark judge” and “dark jury” and “dark fury of the judge against the jury” some kind of dark knight reference? or is it hoping to be racist?

    • Very good question. I’m glad you asked. Let me clarify once and for all: the “darkness” of this comic tells the world this comic is crazy and fun. By “world” I mean the “internet.” By “crazy and fun” I mean “hardcore and grim.” Some fans thought the darkness meant this story takes place in Harlem. Not true. Not true at all. This story takes place at the Dark Place. My mother thought the “darkness” meant this story takes place at night. Well, that’s kinda true but… Anyway my point is, It’s not racist. I have plenty of black friends.

  5. this might seem a little weird. but.
    dark juror number is clearly more fluid in battle than dark juror number 2.
    if you know what i meaaaaaaaaaHHHHH!!!

  6. I can’t wait till the Darker Dark Judge of ULTIMATE PITCH BLACK DARK saga. and i don’t mean that as a Can’t Hardly Wait (1998) reference.

    ok yes I do. Dark Can’t Hardly Wait.

    Some dark day, when there is a new installment of this comic, i’m a gonna be a so ahappyyyyy

    • A bunch of witches just got naked on Bones for 10 full seconds. I dare you to do better.

      and i don’t mean that in a Star Trek (2009) reboot reference sort of way. Don’t call it a reference. I mean it as direct quote.

      … you know in some way it’d be hip if you never did update your web comic ever again, but just switched over to updating these comments endlessly, building an epistolary novel of astonishing length.

      but then it would just take one update to wipe that beautiful (dark) comment thread out. to cast it aside and lose it in history.

      i’m crying. (ok, no i’m not).

  7. updaaaaaaate

  8. also: there’s nothin like in-jokes to yourself! wtg!

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